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How I Achieved Long, Healthy 4B/4C Hair Without Using Hair Vitamins

by Tori (pictured above)

After posting length check or ‘before and after’ pictures on Instagram, I often get asked if I take hair vitamins, and the answer is no. I also often get asked, “how did you grow your hair so long?” or “what can I use to make my hair grow?” I never have the answer that some expect to hear. When asked this question in person, I sometimes get a look of disappointment, as if to say “is that ALL you’re going to tell me?” Well, unfortunately, I do not have a secret hair growth potion recipe to share. If I did, I would bottle it and distribute it worldwide (ha)! What I have been able to offer, however, are tips that can help you achieve your hair goals. So, before you go out and buy hair vitamins or magic hair growth potions, here are five tips to consider for growing long, healthy hair:

  • Healthy Hair Starts From Within

I know I may be ‘beating a dead horse’ here, but I always have to reiterate that healthy hair starts with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Do I eat healthy 100% of the time? Absolutely not. But, I do try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. Your diet can affect your overall health, including your hair’s health. So, try to include more nutritious foods, vegetables, fruits, protein, etc. to fuel healthy hair from within.

  • Water Your Hair.

Literally and figuratively, we need to water our hair. Think of your hair like a plant, you have to ‘water’ it to help it grow. Increasing your daily water intake can improve your hair’s moisture and health. Also, since water is the best moisturizer, spritz your hair daily to prevent excess dryness. Dry hair leads to breakage, especially afro-textured hair, which tends to be very dry.

  • Treat Your Hair With Love

This may sound corny, but, if you love your hair, it will love you back. Be gentle with your strands. Vigorous styling, harsh handling, and excessive pulling and tugging can lead to breakage. Hair that is constantly breakage is not retaining its length. So, if one of your hair goals is long hair, you are limiting your results by not treating your hair with love.

  • Just Leave It Alone

If your hair is like mine, it sometimes just wants to be left alone. Sometimes we get too carried away by wanting to try every style or product or technique. But, while we are busy experimenting or wanting to switch things up constantly, our hair length and health may be suffering. Give your hair a break sometimes. Just leave it alone.

  • Keep It Simple

In the beginning of my hair journey, I watched tons of product review videos and bought many of the products the ladies in the videos spoke about. My hair regimen consisted of a million steps and washdays would literally take ALL day. Over time, I learned that simple is better (and less stressful). No, I do not need to do fifty steps on washday and I do not need to use ten styling products all at once. Keep your regimen simple and

Patience In addition to all of the above, the most important hair tip I can share is PATIENCE. Quick fixes are tempting but ultimately if you make healthy hair your priority, length can be achieved over time.

For those of you who have successfully grown out your natural hair without the use of vitamins, what tips would you give?

About Tori: I’m Tori, a Jamaican-born natural currently living in Texas. I was reunited with my natural texture in January 2012 when I big chopped, after transitioning for a year and a half. I am still learning about my natural hair, and hope to share the knowledge and experiences I gain as I continue on my natural hair journey. You can find me on Instagram @bonafidestyle.

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