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A Good Girl Gone Bad

My name is Sannecia Davis and boy do I have a story to tell......

I ask that you stay with me as I take you on this journey because it's not all glitz and glamour.

Growing up with everything, never wanting anything, never asking for anything was my up bringing. Considered a spoiled child I think if anything hurt me instead of helping me. The desire to do anything to get what I wanted taunted me. At the age of 15 I took a liking to the fast things in life and became rebellious towards my family. All the wrong things caught my attention day in and day out. The flashy material things began to attract me and the life style it came with was something I couldn't control.

The attraction of bad guys was my ideal candidate. The fact that I didn't have my father around may have played a roll in the path that I was headed. I was pregnant by 17 and the day my son was delivered his father made a collect call from prison, wow what a day that was.

Although I had my son and responsibilities . Life began to take a turn for the worse. I was so young, a mom but all I wanted to do was party. I wanted to be with my friends and that was that. Partying became a life style, the drinking became a everyday thing as I would leave my son at home with my mother. The more I partied the more I was meeting the wrong type of guys. The drinking turned into marijuana and the high absolutely amazed me. I would smoke everyday just to ease my mind. I thought it made me feel better but the marijuana wasn't enough so I turned to pills. Ecstasy was the pill of choice, we called it the party drug.

Stay tuned until next week for more Good Girl Gone Bad.....

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