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Full Steam Ahead………

In the Age of Aquarius , there is an ideological shift in how women view their power, health and healing. Women are no longer relying on Western medicine and its uncertain side effects. Instead, they are turning to alternative therapies such as clean eating, Yoga, aromatherapy, and yoni steaming. Yoni who? First of all, what is a Yoni? Yoni is a Sanskrit word for womb and vagina meaning sacred temple and opening.

Our womb is our creative center. It’s where we manifest our deepest desires, our goals, and our dreams, but it’s also where we store our darkest secrets, our fears, guilt, and shame. Now, that’s something to think about. How can something that seems so trivial hold so much weight? Well, women are the only connection between the spiritual and physical realm. Without the womb or a connection to the womb we can’t bring forth LIFE and I’m not just talking about physical life. I’m talking about that book you wanted to write, that business you wanted to start, that love you yearn for, or that purpose you wish to fulfill.

As women, we have become disconnected from our power source. We view our wombs as merely a monthly inconvenience. Nothing more than a burdensome ritual or a place for fetal development. Alienating our wombs and womb trauma (e.g. molestation, rape, abortion, miscarriage, or hysterectomy) has led to an increase in feminine and spiritual health issues such as fibroids, infertility, menstrual cramping and heavy bleeding, depression and anxiety. This is why yoni steaming is so important.

Yoni steaming is an ancient practice that uses herb infused steam to cleanse, tighten, and heal a woman’s most intimate parts. More importantly, it’s a spiritual awakening. The process of Yoni Steaming allows a woman to reconnect with her womb as well as release toxins, womb trauma, and spiritual blockages. Yoni steaming is more than a fad it’s a way of LIFE……..

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