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The Lip Bar black-owned lipstick line is now available at select Target stores. Why is this a BIG deal? First of all, when the founders appeared on Shark Tank not only were they hit with harsh criticisms they were called "colorful little cockroaches".

It''s amazing what you can do when you give it all YOU got!

Check out this colorful write-up by Jerilyn Jordan of the Detroit Metro Times.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, WTH this shade doesn't match my skin, like, at all! Fear not, The Lip Bar is here! The Detroit-based company that promises an array of non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free lip candy for all skin tones and lifestyles has just scored a bullseye of a deal. Detroiter Melissa Butler launched The Lip Bar in 2012, three years later she was chewed up and spit out of the entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank after she pitched a mobile cosmetic trucks business (think makeup meets food trucks). Now, Butler's lipsticks are hitting Target shelves this Sunday, Feb. 18. and will be sold at 100 locations nationwide by May. The line is already available via

"Detroit is truly a magical place. It has a certain toughness. It's a gritty land of doers," Butler tells Forbes Magazine. "When I was ready to leave New York, I couldn't think of a better place to move my business than to Detroit." The brand offers glossy, metallic, and matte colors in both stick and liquid lipstick forms. With an average cost of $13, they come in on-trend colors like purple, nude, black, and bright pink.

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