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Bring Me Down

As the story continues......Ecstasy wasn't really all the hype it turned out to be. I dibbled and dabbled, but eventually found out I was pregnant and things begin to smooth out for me. I had landed a part time job and enrolled in a technical college. I figured I was on the right path and things started to look up for me, little did I know (Ecstasy) was around the corner staring me right in the face. Some may say once that monkey is on your back its hard to shake it off. I was fighting a demon and it was winning. I think I was more addicted to the street life than anything. The flashy life, the mink coats, the diamonds, the foreign cars, the money makers appealed to me it was like living in a hustlers movie. The hustle and bustle came back in my life with a vengeance. I was right back to my old self. The temptation to use drugs was so prevalent and there was nothing I could do.......

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